2 hunts, 1 sale and a freebie

March 11, 2012

Hi all

This week L’aize Dayz is participating in 2 hunts, a new weekly sale and I will be putting out a freebie.  🙂  Here are sneak peeks of the hunt and sale items.



























I hope you like them.

As this blog does not tend to get read very much, I may not spend much time on it.  Please check group notices for any up to date information.








Furniture for Petite Avatars

February 28, 2012

My friend Arya asked me (about 20938 times) if I would make some furniture for the new petite avatars.   The avatars are very cute and small, so it was fun to make something and suitable for tiny elves and fairies.  I hope you like the results.














































Thanks to Arya Braveheart for doing the photos, very cute.    You can see these on her blog http://wherethe-heartis.blogspot.co.nz/





Renovations at L’aize Dayz

February 20, 2012

hey all – I’m updating the store with some minor modifications to the store and a whole lot of new and updated items. 

New in store are:

  • New seats, towels, bags, rugs, pictures in the beach room
  • A new “men’s den” upstairs with lots of new items for him.   I’m thrilled to offer Mac Shoreman’s study desk at the store too – see how well it fits in the “mens den”.
  • New sofas, chairs and rugs in the expanded living room area
  • New paintings and easels upstairs on the deck
  • The 20L sales spot is gone from the store.  Discounted items will be offered at the 10L sales spot at the Home and Garden Market.

Laize Dayz will be participating in more events and hunts this year and will be posting these on the blog, so keep your pixel eyes open or feel free to join the L’aize Dayz group instore to hear all the news and new releases first.  I will also be offering an exclusive item to the group each month as well.







Marketing in SL – book available

February 2, 2012


I’m currently on hiatus from teaching the marketing class at Builders Brewery.   However I didnt want people to miss out while I’m not teaching it, so I’ve written a guide based on the information I gave in class.  Now anyone can access it at any time!

The book is called Marketing in SL – A guide for merchants and creators in Second Life.   It offers basic tips and suggestions for selling products and builds in SL.  

This is a good little guide for people starting to sell their creations inworld.  This is information I wish I had known when I started, but relevant to selling today in SL.  It could also be useful to people who have been selling for a  while and just want to make sure they are already doing all the right things.

It covers a lot of basic information – branding, packaging, stores, advertising, marketplace etc.   It gives a place to start and helps creators to think if they could do something better.

The book is available to buy at the courtyard at the Home and Garden Market Village and on marketplace.   It’s only 250L – a good price for the amount of information it offers.  











I would be interested in any feedback or suggestions, this could be useful for further updates. 



Back to Beachy basics

January 29, 2012

Hi there – there are lots of new goodies in L’aize Dayz.   I’ve gone back to my beachy roots and have done some new beachy furniture, including a PG sofa!    These are low prim, in very tropical colours and have great sit menus.  The sand & shells in a jar is a cute wee accessory.











I have also updated the villa / skybox for the B.Unique event in February.  I’ve kept the mediterranean feeling but made it more beachy.  I’ve also included window seats with sit animations.











L’aize Dayz is participating in three hunts in February.  Starting on 31 Jan is the Antiquated Hunt at Antique Square.   I’ve made a wee valentines table with a vintage book and rose.  The book cover is Wuthering Heights, a classic.  I’ve also included candles and tapers that can go on the table or anywhere else.  They include an on/off script.  This item is available at Vintage L’aize Dayz.











For the Prim Perfect “Where the Heart is” Hunt I’ve made a modern version of the valentines table with the more recent popular love story “Twilight” (as these are gifts, not being sold).











I will be doing something for the winter hunt, starting on 15 Feb.  

We are holding a 1 day mystery shopping event at the Home and Garden Market on 29 Jan.   I have four boxes out with items worth over 50L, on sale at 25L, but yopu have to guess which box they are in!  🙂

While I’m enjoying a prolonged break from RL work I’m enjoying building for the store and doing events at the store and market, so there will be more to come!





New at L’aize Dayz – Tiny Tubs!

January 21, 2012

Hi all – something that started at as trying to put a sailboat in a bottle (that didnt go well) I’ve discovered I love making these cute new items for the garden or home – Tiny Tubs!  

They are a little different, but seriously cute and I love making them.   I’ve already got ideas for the next one.  🙂

Here are pics of the ones I have done already, available at L’aize Dayz




































I’ve got lots of ideas for variations on these and hope to make some cute really low prim ones too. 


Keep an eye on the blog for more to come.  Next I’m working on hunt items.   I’ll be using part of the snowman Tiny Tub for a winter hunt item!






New and Updated Stuff

January 19, 2012

Hey all – I’m on a bit of a building spree at present.  I’m also renovating the store a little to show the furniture and new items better.  🙂

I got inspired after coming across this cute 1 prim sail boat.   I already had a low prim sculpted bath tub and decided to put the two together.   Check out the sneak peek of my new garden bathtubs!   I will be doing a few more varieties over the next few days, starting with a winter one and maybe even a cat one.











Also new at Vintage L’aize Dayz is this cute sculpted cast iron stove.  You click the matches to turn the fire on and off!











I’ve also updated the Vintage Desk a little and created a boxed set.   The set will be offered at a reduced price than buying the pieces individually.  I’ve added some cute little touches such as the antique scroll with a “to do” list.











More items will be coming soon.  I’m enjoying having time to build at the moment and feeling inspired.